Winstrol while on pct

An update: This was a false alarm. My doctor has verified that there is a viral infection going around. What I suspect happened is around the time when I came off the Winstrol or towards the end of the 4 week cycle, my immune system got weaker, because I had caught a viral infection at the gym. A couple of other people i have met or not seen in the last couple of weeks, but recently just caught up with them, have reported the exact same symptoms - body feeling weak, tired, drained, bones and joints aching, sore throat, its a viral infection going around.

Gone are the days where you could go to a doctor and get a script to buy steroids from a pharmacy, due to steroids being abused by athletes and bodybuilders they are now illegal. The only way to buy steroids now is on the black market, either from a dealer or from an online source. When steroids were legal and were purchased from a pharmacy, the only steroids you could get were pharmaceutical grade which were extremely high quality and worked far better than the “underground” stuff. Today pharmaceutical steroids are harder to get hold of and cost a lot more, for this reason many people opt for black market steroids which usually are lower quality and can cause infections due to them being produced in an non-sterile environment. Only injectable steroids need to cause concern when purchased from an underground lab, oral steroids don’t need to be produced in a sterile environment.

Winstrol is hepatotoxic, and because of this, it should be used at the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible cycle. What’s more, you should consider using a supplement designed to provide some additional protection. Milk thistle is a highly recommended option; studies suggest it can provide an effective layer of protection when it is used for the entire length of your cycle. There are some other supplements on the market, such as Liver Care, which are blends of natural ingredients that have been shown to work together to prevent liver toxicity.

Winstrol while on pct

winstrol while on pct


winstrol while on pctwinstrol while on pctwinstrol while on pctwinstrol while on pctwinstrol while on pct