Trenbolone rash

Aminoglutethimide has more recently found use as a recreational CYP2D6 inducer, resulting in an increased conversion of codeine to morphine when the former is taken concomitantly with aminoglutethimide. This increases the effect of codeine per dose and increases the ceiling effect threshold, allowing smaller doses of codeine to achieve the same effect as a larger dose taken alone as well as increasing the metabolic limit on the effect of codeine (normally codeine doses above 400 mg stop producing any significant increase in opioid effects due to depletion of the CYP2D6 enzyme which essentially halts the conversion process until the enzyme has replenished). A similar effect is seen with tramadol due to an increased conversion to O-desmethyltramadol and an increased availability of the CYP2D6 enzyme.

I have somewhat extensively studied DNP prior to, during and after my own experiments with this incredibly enticing poison.  Surely you didn’t think I was writing all this based on sheer conjecture, hypothesis, and study?  There is also some great DNP dialoguing within my Steroid .com signature. 

No matter how safe you hear a given herb, chemical, or drug (regardless of dosage) is there is always the possibility of individual sensitivities.  This issue becomes greatly magnified with regard to poisons because of the potential for serious injury and fatality.  Even the name Di-NITRO-phenol is remarkably engaging to a gear user and “no” proper administration without pre-existing hypersensitivities won’t kill you, but it does all come down to a single truth.  A truth you may have arrived at prior to the halfway mark in this piece, the same truth that the author of a great documented journey through the DNP experience, ‘The Inferno: My Week on DNP’ (http://-/portal_includes/articles/2006/06-068-), Vets and Hall-of-Famers like Marcus, Nark, Giant, Booz - just ask them, myself (magic32) and numerous others have come to realize…

Trenbolone rash

trenbolone rash


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