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I am a production welder for a small company in Illinois currently but I have worked for Caterpillar and compensation with benefits was no where near $100 an hour. So I have to ask where do you work? Because even the most dangerous jobs in welding dont even come close to $100 an hour including underwater welding. infact the average income for underwater welding is close to $30 an hour …not $100. unless they were talking about the top 5% of that industry. Look it up the list is flawed. most under water welding according to the something something of global statistics on average compensation of a underwater welder is like $ per hour. regardless i plan to move to Oregon in the next couple months to join in Seattle,WA. But i am still curious where you work making $100 an hour. Or were you including the benefits in wirh your pay?

I just purchased this EDP last night. Wore it to work today and I'm in love. Sprayed it twice at 8am. It's now after 2pm and I'm still getting strong hits of it constantly. This has terrific longevity.

I was looking for something musky, that would remind me of a dark water ride at Disney World... think Pirates of the Caribbean. Or maybe the chambers of an old cathedral around Christmas. I haven't had much luck matching these experiences, but Terre D'Hermes parfum comes close.

It's a citrus explosion initially. But it then starts to smell like the pools at a waterpark mixed with exotic plants and trees. Orange trees? Maybe. The faint whiff you get unexpectedly at base harkens back to better days... wintertime with family.

This will be my signature scent unless and until something better comes along.

Top 100 tren zing

top 100 tren zing


top 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zing