Test prop grapeseed oil

Thank you for your informative site. Can you use stainless steel whisks and utensils in stainless steel saucepans and bowls with safety or will it scratch them and then they leach nickel? (I have seen so many cooking shows and restaurants where they do this). One of your blogs says – ‘Once scratched, all stainless steel, will impart metallic ions into food’, however it seems inevitable this will happen. If stainless steel utensils are not suitable, what do you recommend that whisks and stirring spoons are made of? Silicon?

I was so worried about ticks when we planned our vacation to Maine that I researched the problem and decided on trying the recipes from this wonderful website. I ended up using a combination of Rose Geranium, cedarwood, lemongrass, lavender mixed with witch hazel and distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Most of the essential ouls as well as glass spray bottle were found on . I am happy to say my Standard Poodle, Frannyas well as we were tick free. We still checked daily but were fortunate to have no problem. We did avoid thick woodsy areas but otherwise had an anxiety free vacation due to having this recipe. Thank you so much, Cheryl, Jim & Franny

Make the filling
1. In a large saute pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until translucent, @ 3-4 minutes, then add garlic, chilies, and cumin and cook for another minute.
2. Add the tomatoes and cook, stirring occasionally, until it reduces to a thick sauce, about ketchup consistency. Add the shrimp and cook for one minute.  Remove from heat and allow to cool.  Stir in cilantro and season with sea salt to taste.
If serving with Tomato Broth, make now.  *recipe follows
Roll and  Fry Tacos
1. Heat the oil to  about 350-375º, or until hot enough a drop of water reacts quickly when flicked in oil. Grab two tortillas at a time with a pair of tongs, and dip them for few seconds in the oil to soften then.  Pat dry with paper towels and pile them into a single stack.
2. Spoon 3 T of filling in a line across the bottom of the tortillas. Tightly roll them up the tacos, then skewer with toothpicks to keep them closed.
3. Fry the tacos in the hot oil for about minutes, then turn over and finish frying until golden. Drain on paper towels and serve immediately with tomato broth poured over.

Test prop grapeseed oil

test prop grapeseed oil


test prop grapeseed oiltest prop grapeseed oiltest prop grapeseed oil