Test cpns prop jatim

Pengumuman Kelulusan Seleksi Administrasi CPNS Dephub 2009
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Tingkat Sarjana Lokasi ATKP Medan Informasi Kelulusan Seleksi Administrasi diklik di sini Pengambilan KArtu Ujian dan Tempat Ujian dapat diklik di sini serta dapat juga diklik di sini atau juga dapat diklik di sini Tingkat Diploma III Ke bawah Lokasi ATKP Medan Untuk Diploma III Ke bawah lokasi Medan diklik di sini Tingkat Diploma III Ke bawah Lokasi Adbandara Polonia [...]

(2) Curriculum Vitae Form can be downloaded at the end of this announcement (not for sale)
(3) Applications will be processed only proposal that applications that use the application form referred to in point 2
(4) Curriculum Vitae Form filled completely by attaching the following documents:
1. Application for employment application, addressed to the Operator Recruitment & Selection Employee of PT Antam Tbk. UPBN Southeast Sulawesi in 2011
2. Copy of high school diploma or equivalent and Value of National Examination (UN), which legalized wet
3. Life History Data in accordance with a predefined format
4. Copy of ID card & valid KK
5. Statement stamped Rp. 6000 which states:

• Engineering Manager
• Principal Engineers
• Managerial Position:
– Mechanical Static/Rotating
– Contract Management
– Safety & Health
– System & Procedure
– Planning & Scheduling
– Corporate Planning & Development
– Business Development
– Proposal
– Finance
– Risk Management
– Office & Administration
• Lead Process & Process Safety Engineer
• Environmental Management Specialist
• Senior Engineer Position:
– Project Engineer
– Mechanical Rotating/Static Engineer
– Piping/Pipeline Engineer
– Instrument Engineer
– Electrical Engineer
– Subsea Engineer
– QC Engineer
• Coordinator Position:
– Knowledge Centre
– Safety & Health
– Schedule Analysis
– Purchasing
– Logistic & Warehouse
– Vendor Surveillance
• Construction Superintendent

Test cpns prop jatim

test cpns prop jatim