Nap 50s steroids

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many thanks for this. I seen specialist yesterday after almost 5 months of agony and told by 2 doctors i have a fracture. Had my 3 rd injection yesterday, previous 2 didnt work and specialist seems it highly unlikely this one will but hey ho worth a go. He said its the most hes ever witnessed a shoulder to be frozen, yep, its pretty much stuck. I am starting rehab with gentle physio then back to see him in 3 weeks to decide what to do whether to stick it out with physio or try surgical intervention. Atbthe moment, i just want my arm back. I already have severe arthritis in my whole spine, bith wrists and both knees so although i can walk, i am bery limited and feel this is another i trusion of my independence. I know this will get better but right now its hard to imagine. Mybright shoulder has bursitis also so i asked the dreaded question if that too will develop into frozen should and i wad told probably.,ARGH i hate this condition

Nap 50s steroids

nap 50s steroids


nap 50s steroidsnap 50s steroidsnap 50s steroids