How to take tren 13-ethyl

Tren 13-Ethyl is the ultimate compound for lean & dry rock hard gains without added estrogen conversion; users notice increased stamina and strength in the gym along with increased libido and performance out of the gym. Tren 13 Ethylshould be stacked with PCT MaXX, the hottest post cycle therapy supplement on the market today and great for use after your Tren 13-Eythl cycle; or any cycle for that matter! Also, use Liver MaXX during and after your Tren 13-Ethyl cycle to promote a healthy liver and keep your system in balance to produce the best and cleanest gains possible!

The active compound in Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs is 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one. It is legal because it is a progestin, and before anyone thinks "birth-control", remember that trenbolone, nandrolone, methyltrienolone and Methyl-Dien are all progestins. I doubt anyone will dispute the effects of these compounds upon favorable body composition.

As a progestin, Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs is structurally related to the so-called abortion pill RU-486 and as such acts as an "anti-progesterone". Yes, this means decreased estrogen-like effects and an increase in libido. This is likely why so many testers have referred to Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs as the anti-Deca-Dick/Tren-Dick product. Research suggests that Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs has a half-life of about 6 hours, though it appears that it is closer to 10 hours based upon plasma levels maintained in our test subjects. It is not a 17-alkylated analog thus having very low potential for liver toxicity.

However, it should be noted that oral bioavailability is significant as a administration protocol of 25mg 3 times daily provides about the same results as 10mg 2 times daily of Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs in regard to body composition effects, strength and lean mass. Progestins do not aromatize to estrogens and being a 5-alpha-reduced analog prevents conversion to DHT .

How to take tren 13-ethyl

how to take tren 13-ethyl


how to take tren 13-ethylhow to take tren 13-ethyl