Best steriod to take

Great article on vitamin D. I read Dr. Holick’s book "The Vitamin D Solution'" and I found it to be so informative and helpful with my three year vitamin D deficiency. I have Lupus and Polymyositis and have been vitamin D deficient since becoming ill and I have taken the prescribed vitamin D capsules and they helped but, I continue to be vitamin D deficient. I followed his information in the book and though I physical do not feel better, I do notice that my fatigue level has improved since getting my 15 minutes of sun three days a week. I go for my blood work in a couple of months and I can't wait to see if my levels have improved.

I was told by my doctor to give it a good 8 weeks before forming an opinion. I am in my 5th week of 300 mg 3x a day and it is doing nothing but making me feel horrible. I am evil grouchy, brain fogged, my vision is blurred, and I am still in pain. (Pelvic nerve pain) I was supposed to see my doctor yesterday to discuss whether we should increase it or wean off, but they had to reschedule my appointment for next Friday. I am actually afraid to go up any more. If a higher dose works, but puts me in a coma, what good is it??? The only reason I am on it and not Lyrica is that my insurance refuses to cover Lyrica. And, I am still having to take 150-200 mg of Tramadol per day on my worst days. I started the gaba so that I wouldn't have to take tramadol, but so far, no luck. *sigh* Nerve pain is no joke.

Best steriod to take

best steriod to take


best steriod to takebest steriod to takebest steriod to takebest steriod to takebest steriod to take